Another procreate moment, it’s been fun playing around with it. Not more fun than feeling paper under my hand though, so it’s back to traditional for me!

I miss mess and glue and runny paint and cursing the pens for running out too fast. Heh heh.

Here is a video of the dots being made, and my questionable attempt at colour.

…so I thought it was finished, but I’ve gone back in for a ‘clean up’. The colour was bothering me so it’s back to monochrome. I think now it’s done.

Well, it turns out I wasn’t finished.

After thinking about an idea of creating a type of flower wheel/mandala/repetitive flower pattern on procreate I made this. Again I’m not sure whether I like the cleanliness and tidiness of digital art but this was a lot of fun to make. It was made at Easter time too, which seemed apt, as the image does kind of look cross-like, but in a natural form. The natural world meeting a different form of spiritualism?

Here’s how it looks…

I think I’ll be playing around with the flower wheel idea more in future, between some traditional drawings.

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