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My first response is AAARGH when I think about frogs. There’s no good reason for me and frogs not to get along but I just can’t develop a love for them. I thought I’d try drawing this one (who the family saved from an outside sink drainpipe). No collaging this time, just watercolour paint and […]


Wow. Life is moving at a much slower pace at the moment, yet somehow I’m busier than I normally am. Covid-19 is turning everything upside down. Art practice has had a teensy little window… but I’ve managed to finish a drawing I started ages ago. Here’s the Raven drawing… and in earlier moments…

Dewy Nasturtium

More nasturtiums, I’m starting to think my appreciation of them is getting out of hand! I keep telling myself that I’ll put some colour into my work but again it hasn’t happened. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in the moment of drawing dots. This was a pretty large drawing […]

Little Triffids

At the moment I have two insectivorous plants, both are a type of Sarracenia, trumpet pitcher plants. I absolutely love them. There had to be a drawing of them, so here we are! Time is of the essence considering my track record for houseplants… hopefully they’ll survive but… just in case… And here’s a couple […]

Black Swan

It’s 1am and I’ve just finished a small ink pen and collage drawing. This was really hard to stop midway, so I made the most of these quiet hours and decided to finish it (with a little bit of company from Season 3 of Outlander)! I am so unbelievably tired but happy to see this […]