So, I have pulled out Procreate again and had a go.

I figured the subject should be relatively easy so that I can focus on technique. My aim is to draw digitally as close to what I do analog as possible. I’m not sure if that’s such a great idea but it feels right. I love the infinite choices procreate gives you, but it just doesn’t appeal to me right now, to be spoilt for choice.

So my stubbornness with staying true to the style (and techniques) I’ve grown to love extended also to procreate brush tool. I purchased the digital version of my beloved pens, Pigma Microns. The brush (or pen?) set came in the full range of sizes you get traditionally. I love it!

Also I got a watercolour set that also included watercolour paper texture so I can still feel a little like I’m on the paper I usually am. Hurrah!

As for collage, my favourite part of my drawings, I am taking photos of my favourite book pages and including them still. It actually feels nice to not be ripping a page out of a book- that does always feel a bit wrong! So no books harmed in the making of my procreate drawings. 😂

Colour inclusion is a bit of a mystery still. I haven’t got my head around that fully yet. There is a very natural and instinctive way I paint traditionally. That hasn’t transferred to digital yet. Hopefully it will though.

Here is the daffodils after all that rambling.

attempting colour
test printing out at A3, love that everything is crisp!
so happy with how it looks when printed out. dots and collage both working well together.
second attempt at colour, not quite right but getting there. monochrome version still my favourite for now.

I’m not really feeling the love for colour (including the background) so here it is, stripped back. I think I might prefer it.

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