Flower Book

A while back I liked the idea of drawing flowers growing from the centre of a book, so I set up a still life reference for it. It was shoved into my ‘visual diary’ album and pretty much forgotten about.

Recently I pulled it out and made it into a quick ink pen and collage drawing. I was aiming for something I could complete in a couple of days and walk away from whenever I was needed to do so. When you’re drawing something more in-depth you don’t like when life interrupts you! This wasn’t the case here. It probably needs more work to be honest, but I’m not sure when/if that’ll happen.

earlier stage
still life reference, Complete Works of Shakespeare and some roses from the back garden 🏵

I definitely prefer to set up my own still life or subjects. Random reference photos (from google, etc) make me uncomfortable to work from. I much prefer to set my own scene up when I can. You then have control over light, shade, angles, all that good stuff! 😁

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