Phantom Cards

A.K. Wilder has created a new Quiz on her website,

The Quiz let’s you find out which class of Phantom you are. (Healer, Ouster, Caller, Warrior and Alter.) They are from Crown of Bones, the first book in the Amassia series, due to be released early 2021.

We worked together to make these images, myself on drawing duty and Kim (A.K Wilder) on the digital side of things.

There were a lot of drafts, but here are a few pics of the process.

early warrior sketch
the first sketch idea for Healer
using procreate as a sketch pad for the first time ever! progress for a traditional medium gal.

Together these are how the images turned out.

I would try to explain what each class means, but to be honest i think it would be far better to go onto the website ( and have a look for yourself, Kim paints such a clear and vivid picture of the phantoms, I wouldn’t do them justice!

Good luck finding out what Phantom you raise!

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