The joy of drawing your favourite Musician

Vikki Thorn’s voice has been a constant musical companion for about 25 years of my life. I don’t think there’s been an experience in my adult years that hasn’t had a Waifs tune soundtracking it!

I love that births, deaths, silent times and mad adventures all have this thread of Vikki’s songs/voice knitted into them.

I’m so glad it’s in the hands of its subject and well received.

Here is the prelim sketch, which I loved doing as well.

And some of the stages…

…and finished.

I was so happy this week to go and buy Vikki’s album (under name of ThornBird) and to binge on this collection of tunes. Damn it’s good! I already knew some of the singles but to hear them all together, it’s something else. I spend a lot of hours driving each day, so that is my time to crank the music and absorb it all. It’s fantastic.

And best of all I got to see my artwork inside the cover and on the disc itself. It is such an honour to have that happen.

Here’s how it looks on the CD 👇

Pretty much the happiest, luckiest fan ever.

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