Chapter Headers for Crown of Bones

I am unbelievably happy to have created chapter headers for AK Wilder’s new YA novel, Crown of Bones. It will be released in January 2021 (preorder is available through goodreads).

I’m already a massive fan of Kim Falconer (AK Wilder is the Author’s pen name for YA work). Kim’s Quantum Enchantment series and Quantum Encryption series are very beloved to me. They took me into an adventure, from the first page, and didn’t let me go until the last book was read. That’s always a good sign you’ve found something special. I had an employee in Dymocks (who was sick of me asking when the next Juliet Marillier book was coming out) drag me over to the shelf and say “buy this or you’ll regret it” and so I did. Okay, so that wasn’t exactly how it went, word for word, but this girl knew me too well to let these books slip by me.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, which is to share the chapter headers. The drawings needed to be very simple, as they’ll be shrunk down, and after back and forthing with the boss (Kim 🥰) this is what was made.

To say I’m excited about seeing these in a book is the understatement of the century. I’ll really let loose when I see them in January, that post will be an extremely soppy hysterical outpouring.

Here’s the headers, not the edited/tweaked/scanned versions, but just the iphone pic’s.

Twin Sun Flag
Bone Whistle

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