My first response is AAARGH when I think about frogs. There’s no good reason for me and frogs not to get along but I just can’t develop a love for them. I thought I’d try drawing this one (who the family saved from an outside sink drainpipe).

No collaging this time, just watercolour paint and stippling with the trusty old Pigma Micron 005. It was fun to do but I’m not sure whether it is what I hoped it would be. The colours aren’t quite right for the frog. The more underwater parts seem okay. Wow, I really know how to promote myself, right? Just as well I don’t work in Marketing. 😂

It feels like I’m still in the process of nailing a style that I’d like to carry into a cohesive series of drawings. It feels close but not definite yet. I think maybe Raven is the closest I’ve got to what really feels like home to draw. Then I go and do a colourful frog picture 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Anyhoo, here is a few of the stages of Frog.

and then finished…

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