It’s not often I draw or paint with pink, but I’m trying to not be so scared of soft colours that aren’t green, brown or grey. My last drawing was purple so I’ve already started a ‘feminine’ colour palette (probably terrible choice of description). Pinks and purples are sometimes tricky to work with for me. I guess I gravitate more to the earthy gloomier colours. Haha!

Anyway, here is Camellia. It grows in my garden, a strong healthy small tree who used to have a sibling tree next to it but it had died before we moved in. The poor thing was left in place and I felt bad taking it out. I’ve felt extra protective of its healthy neighbour and might try to find another camellia to put in next to it in the future. For now I’m just admiring the camellia I have, and here is it’s portrait (in stages).

the bloom in centre position on the paper
about halfway
and finished
close up section
even closer section 😊

this piece is available on my etsy shop, I feel like I need to start selling my originals as I can’t think of something that feels nicer to hold and to look at than an original drawing/painting. I do love prints but I’ve never come across a print of my own work that seems to capture even half of the energy and tactile quality as the originals. So they’re there if anyone is interested.

Anyway, here’s a video of part of the drawing process.

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