September Lemons

I started this drawing in September and seriously misjudged how long it would take to finish. I didn’t factor in holidays or that I’d forget to pack my collage gear. Oops!

As a nice piece of fate, where we are staying has two bountiful lemon trees so I had the real thing to draw from, it’s nice to work from life where you can.

Every day of our beach holiday included lemons. We were on picking duty so that we could take them to the local cafe/takeaway shop so they could keep those fish and chip eaters happy with a wedge. My family are potato obsessed so getting a free box of hot chips went down pretty well too.

It’s strange that my scent memories of this small beach town is a mix of sea, sunblock, insect repellent and always lemons too.

Here’s the drawing in an early stage…

and a few close ups…

and finished 🌞👇

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