Gentle Hibiscus

It’s been a hot dry summer, and it probably wasn’t the best time to plant new things in the garden. We had some bad energy neighbours move out from across the road so it was time to cut back our protective thick conifer hedges that hid us well (but also nearly reached power lines) and try to get some fresh good vibes out there. I’ve always seen hibiscus as a bit of a daggy plant, they survive well where we live but usually look straggly and messy. After a trip to the local nursery I found some varieties that were just beautiful, the leaves and the flowers seemed so attractive I couldn’t say no. I guess I’m not a disciplined gardener! The loose plan was for cottage garden plants but instead I walk out with four different hibiscus.

Such is nature. No point fighting intuition!

So one of the hibiscus is a double ruffled cream variety. I had to draw it. The plant isn’t flowering now since it’s first bloom but it is establishing itself so hopefully it’ll get those roots down and bloom like crazy once this stinking hot weather eases up a bit.

Here it is, the photo I took and the drawing that came from it. My intention was to try to capture its delicate, gentle, soft feel. So pretty!

It isn’t a perfect copy of the flower, I did take some creative liberties on parts, I don’t really want to produce a photo realistic version of the flower.

🌞 timelapse of the drawing 🌞

I’ve put this drawing in my Etsy shop, Ink Nature. (link on shop page) and also did my best to make a digital copy for sale on etsy shop too. I removed the background but left the flower untouched. I hope the original finds a home, it’s so nice to post off your Art and know it’s found a home with somebody who feels a resonance to it in some way.

Anyway, onto the next flower, which I think will be a rose (again from my garden!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and I also hope you have a really great day. 🌞

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