Blue Potato Bush

Procreate on my Ipad time again, this time it’s for a tree that’s in my garden.

It has a pretty terrible name for such a beautiful plant. It’s flowering at the moment, hundreds of small purple flowers that look very nightshade-ish. I have no idea where the potato part of the name comes from. Hang on, potatoes are nightshade family… other than a botanical connection it doesn’t seem like a fair name for such a pretty flower!

This drawing was made with digital collage sections from my trusty poetry book, The Albatross Book of Living Verse. It’s had a fair amount of pages used to provide collage for my traditional drawing/collages. I’m enjoying using the same text in a non-destructive way at the moment for these digital drawings. I’m still being quite strict on how I’m drawing. Other than the collage layer there is only one other layer, using the same size pen as ‘real life’ Sakura Pigma Micron 005 and not editing or deleting any dots. No tomfoolery with layers and things.

Why? I don’t know. Really!

Next drawing is going to be following the idea I had of making more hanging bunches. Flowers or herbs, or anything that makes me feel interested. I’ve planted new herbs and if the bugs will leave them alone I may get at least a few bunches of herbs to draw. Depends on how tasty they are maybe? I have new sage, tarragon, chamomile, thyme, clove pink and chives. I hope some/all survive the snail community in my garden.

Here is the blue potato bush drawing, hopefully it will be a print or something that can be purchased at some point soon. 🤞

blue potato bush

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