Pencil Pot

A really quick drawing, one thin watercolour layer plus ink pen.

Very simple but exactly what I needed to do.

This pot was handmade by my Mum many years ago, maybe 40 or so? It’s lasted this long, but incase anything happens to it, I’ll have a drawing capturing it usefulness and beauty! Okay maybe it’s not beautiful but to me it is. It’d feel weird to not have it on my desk after sooooo many years!

We used to go to a place when I was little, I still don’t fully understand what it was. It was called The House of Zoe. I was only very young at the time. My Mum and I went together and they taught different Art and Craft techniques. First was clay pots and this was hers. I can remember it being an old hippy house, it felt so open and happy. I think it could be why I so desperately want an old character home with macrame hanging, verandah with old wicker chairs and the smell of incense burning. Aaaah dreams! It’ll happen one day!

It’s funny how our memories attach to objects. Even when their distant. Every time I look at this pot I feel warm and loved and creative, all stemming from this place and brief time and of course the woman who took me there. 🌻

small size, good quality paper though! 638gsm Saunders ⭐️

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