Coastal Flower

I’m liking the idea of having a kind of halo around things I draw…mainly in stippling technique. Stippled drawings can be so precise and stark against the white backgrounds. That can be clean and effective, but I do like the idea of softening the edges and pulling the object into a different realm, is it foreground, background or something different…?

It started with some of the Phantom cards.

I liked that the drawings had a sense of subtle movement or was it a ethereal/ghostly/energy… not sure…. but I’m going to enjoy seeing how this can develop more.

So where I’d normally leave a botanical drawing around this stage…

I thought I’d test out the halo theory. This is how it’s turned out.

and a few close ups…

I’m not 100% sure this has been a success but I like that it’s heading somewhere… I’m happy to not know what’s coming next, it’s nice to feel like there’s something to explore. ☺️

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