Allium Tuberosum

I’m not entirely sure where the desire to stipple is coming from.

On a practical level it’s a better way of turning very fine pen details into a decent print without losing all the ultra fine details (which has been happening with hatching).

There is something deeper though, which I haven’t really got my head around. I dislike routine and control over every little thing. In my core, at least. Being a parent changed that. I feel like doing things more orderly and yep, controlled, might mean I’m doing a better job as a Mum. My core being, on the other hand, craves spontaneity.

Nothing too outlandish and crazy, just unscheduled mini adventures, something different to see and do, having a chocolate cake for breakfast and a run along the beach (not sure how they go together, heh heh!) or a day of laying under a tree reading books instead of doing the same mundane chores over and over, every day.

These thoughts aren’t revolutionary and they’re not a complaint. I love my life. It’s full of love. I am blessed and grateful. Completely and utterly. It just makes me curious over why I’m drawn to such a controlled form of Art after years and years of wild oil painting and a desire to be free. Is it a natural progression? Is it because I’ve had to learn to be so measured in life that it’s spilling into my creative field? If that’s the case then that’s more than a little depressing, heh! Or is it just a better tool for looking deeper at something. I’ve always wanted to capture magic. I’m extremely happy when observing nature.

I think it’s pretty obvious I need to find a bit more of a balance!

I’ve started learning Tasseomancy.

My brain does feel a bit starved of new information, so I’m enjoying the process of researching, experimenting and absorbing new levels of understanding through symbology and intuition. Plus tea is a life partner so I feel like it’s strengthening our relationship. Heh heh! Plus the family line does lend itself to certain interests and abilities.

So these were the ponderings while doing yet another stippled ink pen and collage drawing! Here it is in stages and finished. I really have to work on better photos!

Categories: Ink & Collage


Hello! I am an artist who is very keen on ink pens and collaging with old text paper, sometimes colour might creep in but usually I stick with monochrome. Learning about everything by trial and error but loving the process.

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