Spring Equinox

I started a post on Instagram which somehow got very long, very fast! I edited it shorter but I think there’s no harm in putting it all on here. Great place to put forward ponderings!

Spring Equinox (Ostara) is here! Today I finished this drawing, and with it came some ideas that I’ve been mulling over. Like millions of other human-beans, I’m trying to find gentler ways to tread upon the Earth. I’m not much of a consumer for myself. My only makeup is Body Shop eyebrow pencil and mascara… my perfume is essential oils. My clothes are worn and repaired until they are beyond repair and pretty much falling apart. I have three pairs of shoes. I use one bag. I choose non-dairy and eat only chicken (I’m getting there!) I clean the house with vinegar and bi carb. Use refillable coffee cup. I’ve always loved glass jars and bulk food buying, but in recent years plastics have crept back. So it’s back to basics as much as possible. In terms of Art though, I’ve been thinking about waste. I’ve decided to swap to pencils and paint, pencil sharpenings go in the garden (not landfill) and I’m not sure about the paint tubes yet. They’re lasting a very long time, as I refill my paint pans and don’t use colour that much. The amount of pens I’ve gone through is quite a lot, so I’m not using them for a while to see what else can be used. The paper I’m using will be sold as is, not as a print. It may end up costing more to buy but nowadays there seems to be a lot of smaller priced prints flying around the globe, mostly on planes, to be enjoyed for a short time then replaced with something new and on trend. I’m determined to buy a piece of paper (made from bamboo or cotton or whatever is best for environment) and work that piece until I’m happy with it, imperfect or not. I’m hoping my Aries temper doesn’t interfere and make me want to rip it up. 😂 Anyway, longest post ever, but it’s all been in my thoughts, Ostara seems like a great time to give birth to a new way of doing and being. 🌻

(The mediums on this piece are charcoal, watercolour, gouache and conté pencils. The paper is 100% cold pressed cotton.)

Categories: Botanical, Colour, drawing, painting


Hello! I am an artist who is very keen on ink pens and collaging with old text paper, sometimes colour might creep in but usually I stick with monochrome. Learning about everything by trial and error but loving the process.

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