Loosening up (Cotoneaster)

This drawing is kind of a mess.

Mess is what I want right now, so that’s okay.

Backgrounds have been on my mind lately, I’m a little bored of having pure white background so I thought I’d experiment with letting loose with ink. This was black and sepia, although it reads more as black. I’m sure I overdid it, but aaaargh! I just couldn’t stop splashing it on. It’s weird that if I have a pen/pencil in my hand I instantly stiffen my strokes and gestures on the paper (and get all ‘micro’) but if it’s a fluid medium it turns into the drawing equivalent of mud wrestling. Nevertheless I’ve left all the mess because it’s the deal I struck up with this piece of paper. Arches paper is getting pretty darn expensive so I decided to use it no matter the outcome.

So now I might have to bring it back a notch. My digital attempts at drawing are still woeful so there isn’t the option of digitally adding background right now, but I will keep trying to use Procreate. I feel like sepia may be a bit more mood-friendly and suit the collage aspects of my drawings more. That’s the thought for next drawing anyway!

As far as this piece goes though, I’m happy it’s the way it is. Really messy but freeing.

Categories: Ink & Collage


Hello! I am an artist who is very keen on ink pens and collaging with old text paper, sometimes colour might creep in but usually I stick with monochrome. Learning about everything by trial and error, slightly anxious but big capacity to laugh.

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