Drawing Challenge

Yesterday I spotted a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge on Instagram. It only had 24 hours left so I had to get cracking. The original illustrator was Laurabeedraw, who I watch on Youtube.

There’s only three channels/people I watch on Youtube so far. Laura Bee Draws, Frannerd and Holly Exley. Basically they are my company when I’m drawing, and they are all approved by my offspring, which makes life a whole lot easier if the little people in the house allow you to enjoy something on a screen!

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post what the challenge image was that we were to draw in our own style, but here’s what I drew. It has definitely made me think more about whether I want to produce Art vs. Illustration ( not that there’s a divide really, if you know what I mean, but more the intention of what I’m drawing. If that makes sense.)

Anyway, this is how it started and turned out…

…and even better, LauraBeeDraws put some of us who did her challenge onto her Story Feed, and that really made my day. I’m sure the other people who were featured were just as chuffed as I was.

Good day!

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