Today needed to be a drawing day.

I considered starting something new but an old sketch fell out of all my paperwork, and I’m slightly superstitious about things like that (starting from when a tarot card would ever fly out the pack, I’d have to read it).

So it’s a collage I started years ago but threw to the side. I was pretty darn happy with myself for managing to grow any tomatoes, I’ve never had much luck growing anything in the nightshade family, so I took a photo of it. Little did I know the chooks would come along and eat them before they even turned the slightest bit red.

I’m going to show all the stages of this drawing, it was embarrassingly supposed to be colourful, a Christmassy kind of image, but true to form my love of monochrome crept in and wiped out all traces of cheeriness. Facepalm.

I had a new plate which was begging to be used as a palette, so there was the motivation for paint.

so here is the early stages…CRINGE on standby.

And here it is finished…

I feel pretty bad covering up so much of the original image, it feels like cheating in a way, but I do like the way it turned out in the end. 🌞

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