Acorn & Twig

I love Acorns.

From Peter Pan’s acorn gift to Wendy (a kiss) to the more traditional Celtic and Nordic symbolism of fertility, wisdom, strength and immortality… there is so much we have connected to these small objects.

For me the appeal is also their shape and weight. While they are still connected to the tree, they look almost wrong, like their weight shouldn’t be holding them to the thin twig. I really don’t know why I find this interesting but I do… maybe not just with acorns but all fruits, watching how they handle the wind and grow from such tiny buds and blossoms into heavy fruits… Nature is amazing.

Categories: Ink & Collage


Hello! I am an artist who is very keen on ink pens and collaging with old text paper, sometimes colour might creep in but usually I stick with monochrome. Learning about everything by trial and error but loving the process.

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