It’s time for a bit of colour… it’s Springtime and there’s so many things blooming and buzzing.

A lot of the beauty is getting past me though. Life is a bit hectic and I’m not stopping to smell the roses. Literally. My roses smell amazing so that’s a bit of a waste!

I really wanted to make my Mum a handmade present this year, I know she’s a big fan of handmade gifts. Mums usually are, aren’t they?! So I thought I’d paint/collage/draw the Campanulas she had in her house this week. It was only when I was nearly finished that I remembered she doesn’t actually like them that much. Facepalm moment…

So there’s a chance it might get put in folio and a better subject drawn…oh well!

It was fun to get a bit of colour going but next drawing I feel will be a bit darker… tone-wise and subject-wise! Less Pride & Prejudice and more Wuthering Heights.

Here it is in earlier stages…

and a close up when finished…

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