I was thinking of doing a light, bright airy coloured piece to celebrate a happy occasion happening today.

My pen had other ideas, I think this is definitely more dark than I would’ve liked.

For a change I used 01 Micron pen instead of the super fine 005, that allowed me to block in the background faster than normal. I’ve been curious for a while about how my drawings would look with a black background. A major artistic inspiration for me is a lady by the name of Mary Delany. She was the original collage (or ‘paper mosaicks’) queen. Her collages fascinate me. They are accurate but still capture the wildness and delicacy of nature, something I hope to do. While her dark backdrops serve to enhance her collages, making them dramatic and romantic, for my drawings they kind of fail! Oh well! If we don’t try we won’t know!

I still have to create a border for this, I was thinking maybe a thorny vine might be good… not sure yet…or maybe it’ll go and live in the folio for a while.

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