This was a watercolour collage I started about a year ago. I threw it in the WIP pile or possibly the NTA (never touch again) pile. Heh heh!

This time of year there’s a whole lot of nasturtium seedlings popping up in my garden… I love watching them take over their environment with their big plate leaves and bursts of colour everywhere. I don’t think I talk to any other plant as much as the Nasturtiums. I beg them to stop spilling over the pathways and to grow the other (more practical for their own survival) directions but they never listen.

Anyway, here’s my attempt at rescuing an abandoned drawing, pointillism pen seemed to be the flavour of the day.

I think my drops of dew/rain need aloooot more practice but I think this one will stay as it is. Perfection is not my strong suit. 😁

Categories: Ink & Collage


Hello! I am an artist who is very keen on ink pens and collaging with old text paper, sometimes colour might creep in but usually I stick with monochrome. Learning about everything by trial and error, slightly anxious but big capacity to laugh.

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