2012 Koko Black Drawing Prize Entry

It was a few years ago, but this drawing was the first time I ever entered an Art Contest.

A loved one came home from the City telling me about a competition they saw advertised in Koko Black. Only thing was that it had a cut-off for entries in two days time.

So I had just enough time to print out the A3 Template you had to use and drew most of that night in order to get it posted off the next day.

There are so many things I’d like to fix on this, but thankfully it was selected as a Finalist Entry.

I flew to Melbourne to attend the Finalists Night, and when I saw all the other entries I was gobsmacked. They were amazing.

I didn’t win, not a huge shock! 😆

I was really happy to be a Finalist and to have such a great couple of days walking around Melbourne that it didn’t bother me one bit.

The generous Koko Black chocolatiers gave out tons of free chocolate that night…that was reward enough in my books. Yum.

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