The Whistle Bones

The story of the whistle bones comes from an ancient tradition, developed thousands of years ago in the northern reaches of Sierrak. Yes, it’s a fantasy world in the upcoming YA books by A K Wilder.

“The whistle bones began with the death of the King of Er. (Sierrak was once call Si Er Rack and has been known to be shortened to Er in old text.) The saga tells of Er’s death, and the carving of the first whistle bone from his skeleton.

Used as an oracle, only the whistle bones, thrown by the black robed savants, can say if a child has potential to raise their phantom. In the past, they also decide the fate of every child on Amassia – which would live, and which would be sacrificed to the sea.

There are one hundred and eight whistle bones, variations on the twelve originals, made from tusk, bone or fossil. Every piece is carved into a whistle and etched with a symbol of one of the twelve steps to enlightenment. Each makes a single note and together, the twelve that the bone thrower chooses, creates the child’s ‘life song.’

The original twelve are etched with the traditional images, totems and symbols of enlightenment.

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